Payment & Pickup

DATE :  THURSDAY 5th and FRIDAY 6th OCTOBER 2017  TIME :  4pm – 10pm 

DATE :  SATURDAY 07th OCTOBER 2017  TIME :  11am – 2pm

PLACE: BONAVENTURE RESORT AND SPA – 250 Racquet Club Road Weston, Florida 33326. (CORAL SPRINGS ROOM)

PAYMENT:  CASH or MONEY ORDER ONLY.  Personal checks and credit cards will NOT be accepted.


1. Your Costume Confirmation # AZ xxxx, MI xxxx,  MG xxxx, IN xxxx,EG xxxx)

2. Photo I.D. 

3. For costumes paid by credit/debit card, Photo I.D. of the cardholder is required.

4. For 3rd party pick up, the following is required:

a) an email with the collector’s name must be sent to prior to distribution


b) the person collecting must present their I.D and a copy of your I.D. along with a letter from you authorizing them to collect on your behalf. 



Costumes not collected by 2pm on Saturday 08th, October 2017 will be sold on that day from 3pm – 5pm.

Any further updates will be included in your costume package and/or posted on our website,

See you soon!